martes, 3 de febrero de 2015

ISIS Burning Maaz Al-Kassasbeh

Watch The Most Horrific Video By ISIS Burning POW Jordanian Pilot
by Shoebat Foundation on February 3, 2015 

By Walid Shoebat (with cooperation from The Right Scoop)

The Jordanian pilot from the U.S. led-Coalition Muath Al-Kassasbeh is arrayed in front of armed terrorists as if this was part of a Roman arena, to be caged like an animal, and then with professional filming as if it was scripted from a Hollywood movie on how the ancient Romans entertained themselves with human suffrage during the dark pre-Christian history.

But this is Muslim reality TV at its best, a plunge into the dark history of Islam. The POW pilot is then soaked with petrol and set on fire while professionaly filming his slow suffering as a sacrificial offering to Allah and with no remorse to the screaming and melting of a human being. This is not something we suggest you watch, but ask: how can the world stand idly by while we see this and still think that Islam is a peace loving religion?

And so the method on how to kill Al-Kassasbeh was not some dreamed up concoction, but stemmed from Islam as the quest on how to execute him circulated the Muslim world. In the burning scene video (see 1:00 above) ISIS gave the Islamic edict straight from the top Islamic authority of Ibn Taymiyya’s jurisprudence:

“So if horror of commonly desecrating the body is a call for them [the infidels] to believe [in Islam], or to stop their aggression, it is from here that we carry out the punishment and the allowance for legal Jihad”

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