domingo, 15 de septiembre de 2013

Assad Cult Finished

Assad Cult Finished As Syria Marches Toward Freedom

Syria is covered with Statues and Giant Posters of the totalitarian fascist Dictator Bashar Assad and his dead Dictator father. In this video clip brave pro Democracy protesters attempt to cleanse Syria of the multitude of Grotesque Statues and Giant Billboards of the Depraved, Degenerate and Corrupt Assad Family .
Syria is plastered from end to end with giant posters and statues of the Assad family. It is absolutely horrifying to foreigners when they come to visit us when they are faced with the Dictators ugly face staring down at them from every other building . We Syrians are immersed in perhaps the world's worst example of a Cult of the Personality gone wild, where the dictator and his family have named hundreds, if not thousands of streets, towns, hospitals, schools parks, lakes, and even Mosques after themselves. There are also statues of Hafez Assad , the dead dictator, everywhere, and there are even statues to Basil Assad, the degenerate drug addict older son who thankfully killed himself in a drug-induced car accident
It will take years and a lot of paint to clean up our nation from all of this Assad family garbage and pollution after we hang Bashar and Maher. It may take decades, even generations for the physical and emotional scars to heal from this 44 year Police State Nightmare that we are now shaking off in our Syria Intifada

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